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Presented by Starburst Interactive Inc.

Starburst Interactive Inc.

Formal Balls, Virtual Reality, and Other Cool Stuff!

Our Mission is to strengthen and mend the fabric of America, focusing on the most basic building block of our society, which is The Family.


We at Starburst Interactive are passionate about strengthening families.  Starting with the parents, then the children, and also nurturing other family, friend, and community connections.  And we believe the best vehicles to carry out our mission always involve bringing FUN, IMAGINATION, and DAZZLE with various ENGAGING EVENTS that family, friends, and community members can do together.

In our increasing tech world, where many life trends are cutting individuals off from in-person social situations, our Starburst Interactive team sees a strong need to still help people connect on a human level, in person, (we know, SO OLD FASHIONED!) using positive events that actively strengthen bonds.  This is what Starburst Interactive is all about.

So while our society is texting instead of talking, having groceries delivered instead of bumping into neighbors while shopping, and taking online school in a room all alone instead of sitting in a classroom with our peers, Starburst Interactive PLANS & HOSTS IN-PERSON EVENTS that are FUN, ENGAGING, FASCINATING, DAZZLING, MEMORABLE and full of fun and frivolity with family, friends, neighbors, and with important beloved, romantic partners (FLORIDA GLITTER & GOLD SPRING BALL and WINTER SNOW BALL) - so I guess you could say we are all about love for humanity and all things that help us connect and thrive.

So join us and let's get out there and have some fun!!!

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