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Glitter & Gold Ball Etiquette

Ball etiquette requires that participants honor the formal atmosphere of the event in every way, to include the requirement of wearing “black tie” formal attire, being extremely polite, and behaving as a lady or a gentleman. 

Ladies Ball Gowns

Ladies’ attire is very elevated and should be kept classy by limiting sheer cloth and not showing excessive skin. Ball gowns should be floor length and add to the elegance of the event.  If gown must be shorter, keep it below the knee, as anything shorter signifies a cocktail or other party dress and is not suited for a Formal Ball.

Mens Formal Attire

Dress code requires men to wear a Tuxedo which should include bow tie, cummerbund, and pocket square. Black leather or patent dress shoes. A fresh flower boutonniere is highly recommended to match a woman's corsage.

Hair, Makeup, Accessories

Ladies are encouraged to “go all out” and style their hair professionally for this event, along with getting their makeup done by an expert. Most ladies don’t get a chance to get this pampering, however the Florida Glitter & Gold Spring Ball is highly distinguished in its style and adherence to formal ball extravagance. This is a night to showcase to your significant other, just how beautiful you are.

Ladies Ballroom Dancing Shoes

Ladies should wear dancing shoes they plan on wearing all night. If the shoe is impractical and will make your feet hurt to where you’ll want to take them off – don’t wear them. The Florida Glitter & Gold Ball is a formal event for adults and it would be a serious faux pas to remove your shoes during the ball. Luckily there are many opulent formal dance shoes to pick from.

Ladies Evening Gloves

Ladies are encouraged to wear evening gloves. Generally, long gloves are worn with short sleeved dresses and short gloves are worn with long sleeved dresses. Proper etiquette entails removing gloves while eating and wearing them while dancing and participating in the rest of the ball’s activities.


While watches are generally frowned upon at formal balls, it is widely accepted that watches are a regular piece of jewelry, esp for men, so they are definitely welcome, just take care that you don't look at your watch (or phone) frequently as this is seen as a sign of boredom and lack of being in the moment at The Ball.

Photo Ops

There will be several photography opportunities at The Florida Glitter & Gold Spring Ball so dress your best and bring your smiles - the cameras will be flashing!

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